Degree Programs

Our portfolio includes a part-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, Executive MBA (EMBA) programs, and an Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. The programs hold the Triple Crown of accreditations, granted to only 0.5% of the world’s business schools.

Participants in our programs experience a journey of transformation, including elements of personal leadership transformation as well as of business and organizational transformation. Our overall program content is generalist in nature, covering all key areas of business. The annual Aalto Executive Summit brings together participants from all our global locations, and is an example of the vast international networking opportunities provided by our global MBA portfolio.

International Quality in Competence Development

Among the Best 0.5% in the World

Aalto Executive MBA is one of Europe's leading Executive MBA (EMBA) programs. It holds the 'Triple Crown' of accreditations - the three most respected university accreditations, AACSBAMBA and EQUIS - granted to only 0.5% of the world's business schools. The Aalto EMBA program is ranked among the top 100 programs in the world by the Financial Times.

Financial Times Rankings

In 2017, Aalto Executive MBA program was ranked 35th in Europe and 78th overall in the Financial Times’ annual global ranking. More than 3,000 EMBA programs are currently offered around the world, with only the top 100 making it into the Financial Times' ranking.

Aalto EE and Aalto University take part in several different university rankings. The most important of these are the several rankings of the Financial Times; the European Business School Ranking, Executive Education Ranking, and the Executive MBA Ranking.


The Aalto Executive MBA is designed around four major areas of strategy, leadership, finance, and marketing, with special emphasis on strategy and leadership in a global context. Strategy is approached from a variety of perspectives with an emphasis on inventive strategies and novel business models. Leadership covers a range of themes from self-leadership to leading and inspiring others.

The Aalto EE Edge

Aalto EE APAC brings one of the most respected and desired business education programs to Asia. The program is the premier choice for professionals seeking to renew their knowledge and skills or to take the leap towards the next step in their career while gaining an insider’s view into new business trends in Europe and Asia. The program is customizable in more ways than one. Up to six modules can be completed at other Aalto EMBA locations in Europe or Asia.

Network = Net Worth

Today, it’s not about ‘what’ you know but more ‘who’ you know. Aalto EE handpicks its EMBA candidates from a pool of highly qualified professionals from around the world. With more than 400 annual participants from over 15 countries and a wide range of industries, the contacts that you develop here are designed to last your career. Varied cultural perspectives and a wide array of business experiences that each cohort brings with it, adds a unique dimension to class interactions, group study and peer learning.

Top Faculty

A program is only as good as its participants and faculty. Aalto EE goes beyond its highly acclaimed pool of professors and includes lecturers from over 30 renowned global Universities to further enhance the learning experience. In addition to high academic qualifications, they are all excellent educators who have significant industry and research experience.

Why Choose Finnish Executive Education?

Education is key to Finland’s achievements and its leading position in numerous metrics of national performance and global rankings and surveys of business achievement.

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New Nordic Knowledge

Northern Europe is increasingly gaining limelight in the world business arena. Be it the entrepreneurial gaming industry (e.g. Finnish Supercell and Rovio) or new trends like ‘Green Business’- originated in the Nordics and transforming the landscape of International business. The program imparts unique Nordic business sense that is not only essential for conducting business in Europe but also understanding how it can be innovatively applied in an Asian context. 

From Latest Knowledge to Practical Skills

The Aalto Executive MBA Program modules are prepared and presented by a world-class faculty of professors from Aalto University and renowned business schools across the globe. In addition to the academic qualifications, they are excellent teachers and have significant experience with senior-level managers in international organizations. Presentations and assignments encourage participants to link the academic input on the latest business and management theories with their professional experience in organizations and to reflect upon their own views and practices.

Our Learning Philosophy

The Aalto Executive MBA is designed to maximize interaction and participation. The approach focuses on integration of theory and practice and is adjusted to take differences in learning styles and preferences into account. A variety of methods facilitate learning, including presentations, group debates, casework, quizzes, role plays, lectures, real-life case studies and encounters with innovators.

Activities are draw upon the wide experience of participants who represent different industries, functions and disciplines.  

Each module includes tasks designed to help participants and faculty see whether they have achieved the learning objectives.

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