With over 40 years’ experience, Aalto EE develops world class solutions that make full use of Aalto University’s multi-disciplinary faculty and approach.

We are enabling continuous development and strategic transformation of our customer organizations. This is accomplished by being partners in developing and implementing highly effective executive development solutions. As a result, we are able to address current and future business challenges.

We use carefully selected participatory learning methods to ensure the best – and lasting – results. Our global network of more than 800 professors and experts ensures that we can always find the best people and the latest research to help our clients enhance their business performance and to create new knowledge in leadership and leadership development. The main principle of our solutions is to combine in-depth knowledge with action and experiments.

Aalto EE Customized Programs are designed to

  • ignite and support organizational transformation – whether driven by structure, process or culture

  • upgrade essential management and leadership skills across levels

  • harness the competitive edge and develop sustainable strategies

  • cultivate organizational agility and changeability

  • inspire innovation and an innovative culture

  • support successor planning and talent management

With locations in Europe, Asia and Middle East (Finland, Sweden, Poland, the Baltics, Russia, Iran, Singapore, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia), Aalto EE bridges East and West and is ideally positioned to help clients with cross-cultural strategies and leadership development.


Every aspect of an Aalto EE customized solution is tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the client – from content (themes and focus), to faculty (professors, external speakers, consultants, coaches), to learning methods, location and social events.

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The themes of the Aalto EE Customized Solutions cover a wide mix of business fields. We start by developing a thorough understanding of the requirements of the client’s strategic business objectives, and then use that understanding to design highly effective development processes. The solutions can vary from a board-level strategy process to large-scale development programs for the talent potential.

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Financial Times Executive Education Ranking

Aalto EE ranked 45th globally in the Financial Times Executive Education overall ranking in 2016, and therefore is within the top one percent of executive education providers in the world. The ranking assures our customers of the world-class quality of our program content, methods and faculty.

Open enrolment and customized programs are ranked separately in the FT Executive Education ranking. The overall listing is based on the total rating achieved in these two categories. The Financial Times only ranks the top 50 executive education providers. Globally, executive education and MBA programs are offered by around 4,000 institutions.

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Aalto EE works with a significant client base of large and medium size organizations all over the world. Most of our clients are large Finnish companies or multinational companies based in Finland or the Nordic countries, as well as international and multinational companies based in Asia and operating globally.

Aalto EE runs around 75 customized programs every year. We have long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients and engage them in multi-phase and intensive solutions. A dedicated team supports the program and acts as a learning partner, assists in challenging the client’s thinking, and helps the client raise internal awareness of the benefits of the program.





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