Customized Solutions

With 50 years' experience, Aalto EE develops world-class solutions that utilize Aalto University’s multi-disciplinary faculty and approach. We assist our clients in developing and carrying out strategic transformation. We co-create with organizations' impactful and inspirational executive development solutions and help our clients to address current and future business challenges.

Our carefully selected, participatory, and customized learning methods ensure results that last. Our extensive global faculty network guarantees that our clients always have the brightest minds and the latest research at their disposal. We provide organizations with up-to-date knowledge and skills on leadership and leadership development. Our jointly created and designed solutions are based on a combination of solid expertise, customer insight, concrete action, and an experimental approach.

Clients Ranging from International Corporations to the Public Sector

Our extensive client base covers large and medium-sized private and public organizations all over the world. We work with large Finnish and multinational companies headquartered in the Nordics as well as with multinational companies based in Asia and operating globally.

Aalto EE runs close to 100 customized programs every year. We have long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients and engage them in multi-phase and intensive solutions. The programs are supported by a dedicated team that acts as a learning partner, assists in challenging the client’s thinking, and helps their organization raise internal awareness of the benefits of the program.

Creating Value for Our Clients through Solutions with Real Impact and Applicability 

We support our clients in creating value in their organization and businesses through our impactful programs, which help them, for example, to  

  • ignite and support organizational transformation – whether driven by structure, process or culture;
  • upgrade management and leadership skills across all organizational levels;
  • lead digital transformation in the business;
  • harness organization's competitive edge and develop sustainable strategies;
  • cultivate organizational agility and readiness for change;
  • inspire innovation and an innovative culture; and
  • successfully implement talent management.

The solutions can vary from a board-level strategy process to large-scale development programs, for example for the talent potential.

Customized Online Programs

We also co-design impactful, fully online programs with our customers. The virtual programs are utilizing Aalto EE’s existing/topical online courses, such as Design Thinking and Fundamentals of Change Management. The program outcome and the impact of participant’s learning experience will be enhanced by tailoring a variety of learning elements around the online courses, e.g. live webinars, assignments between the online modules, online check-ups with program director together with faculty, and small group discussions.

Webinar Series

Webinar for you and your employees or partners

Webinars, or web-based seminars, have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for individuals and organizations to deliver content live online.

With the help of technology, webinars allow a wide reach of audience and have the flexibility to host at any time of day, making it possible to accommodate attendees and presenters regardless of geographic location and time zones. Webinars can be highly interactive, allowing attendees to ask questions, participate in polls, and engage in discussions with other attendees. This also helps to create a sense of community and foster learning and collaboration.

Aalto EE has also grown organically in this area through many client and partner requests. With Aalto University’s strength in multidisciplinary approach towards key challenges, such as environmental crises, we have organised numerous webinars on such topics to educate our partner’s network.

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Renewable energy, metals, and their circulation
  • Electrification and batteries
  • Sustainable business 101
  • Opportunity and Challenges in South East Asia in the New Era of Asia 2.1

Tapping on expertise from Aalto University with six dynamic schools:

In addition, we also work closely with many industry leaders and experts to deliver the content jointly to combine practical examples and experience with the latest academic knowledge.

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Our Co-creation Process

Globally Renowned

Aalto EE ranked 37th globally in the Financial Times Executive Education overall ranking in 2023 and is therefore within the top one percent of executive education providers in the world. The ranking assures our customers of the world-class quality of our program content, methods, and faculty.

Open enrollment and customized programs are ranked separately in the FT Executive Education ranking. The overall listing is based on the total rating achieved in these two categories. The Financial Times only ranks the top 50 executive education providers. Altogether, around 4,000 institutions offer executive education and MBA programs globally.

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