We want to be known for goal-oriented and comprehensive learning experience and a unique customer experience. We are first and foremost driven by the impact we can have through our programs - on participants, their organizations, the academic community, and society at large. It is our mission to build a better world through better leadership.

Each year, approximately 6,000 people from 1,000 companies benefit from our goal-oriented and comprehensive learning experience that have a proven impact on both the individual and the organization. We nurture and develop the knowledge and skills of individuals, foster self-confidence, and build individual learning paths and meaningful careers. Additionally, in the core of our expertise is building architectures for developing competence in entire organizations. We also do our utmost to ensure that our participants create the best, sustainable business networks.

Generating Impact and Experience

  • Customer Experience
    Unique and conducive setting for learning, including a true concierge level service throughout the program. An inspiring network to exchange ideas and experiences.

  • Learning Experience
    Context to experimenting, stumbling and learning. Latest knowledge combined with business experience in multidisciplinary and novel ways.

  • Faculty Experience
    Latest research converted to insightful models and frameworks that participants can use.

  • Impact on Society
    We are educating a new generation of leaders with global outlook and sense of diversity, integrity and social responsibility.

  • Impact on Organizations
    Exceeding expectations e.g. facilitating organizational transformations and leveraging competitive edge.

  • Impact on Individuals
    We enable meaningful executive careers and upward mobility for senior and middle managers as well as future leaders.

Aalto University Executive Education is tapping into the unique strengths and disciplines of Aalto University: entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, innovation management, design business management and management innovations enabled by technological advances. At Aalto University Executive Education, latest knowledge is combined with business experience in multidisciplinary and novel ways.

Through our cooperation with Aalto University, we bring a multi-disciplinary approach, latest knowledge and new, innovative learning methods to the development of experts and leaders, and provide the Aalto faculty with networks and opportunities.

The operations of Aalto University Executive Education Ltd provide a sizeable income to the university community in various forms such as dividends, lecture fees and rents. In 2016, the financial footprint of Aalto University Executive Education Ltd in the Aalto community amounted to approximately EUR 2.6 million.

Financial Times Rankings

Aalto EE and Aalto University take part in several different university rankings. The most important of these are the several rankings of the Financial Times; the European Business School Ranking, Executive Education Ranking, and the Executive MBA Ranking.

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Faculty and Partner Universities

We link everyday operations and multidisciplinary research with the help of over 800 professors and experts around the globe. In the Aalto EE you will get inspired by exceptional professors from Aalto University, our own personnel and visiting faculty. In addition to the academic qualifications, they are both excellent teachers and have significant experience with senior-level managers in international organizations and bring the latest research converted to insightful models and frameworks that participants can use.

With partner and cooperation universities Aalto EE offers e.g. Executive MBA and executive programs globally and exchange opportunities for MBA and EMBA students. This network includes top universities such as

  • ESADE Business School

  • Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University 

  • Graduate School of Economics and Management, Ural Federal University

  • GU School of Executive Education, University of Gothenburg

  • Iranian Business School

  • Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies

  • The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

  • University of Virginia Darden School Foundation Executive Education

  • Yonsei University 

Publications of Aalto EE’s personnel:

Dr. Pekka Mattila, Aalto EE’s Group Managing Director, Professor of Practice, Aalto University School of Business, specializes on organizational changes, having done his doctoral thesis on actions, power and experiences of organizational changes.

Dr. Mikko Laukkanen, Academic Director at Aalto EE, has done his doctoral thesis and lecturers about innovations and failures to innovate.

Dr. Riina Viitala, Executive Director, Asia Pacific at Aalto EE, has published in the field of health and biosciences and done her doctoral thesis on probiotics.

Dr. Katja Ahoniemi, Associate Director, Degree Programs at Aalto EE, wrote her doctoral thesis on the modeling and forecasting of implied volatility.

Dr. Riitta Lumme-Tuomala, Head of Growth and Director, Russia and Talent Management, wrote her DBA dissertation about talent management. The DBA dissertation complements research on talent management by exploring the eventual benefits of talent management in various organizational contexts.

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