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Aalto Executive MBA Negotiations Workshop

You are a negotiator, and although you might not realize it, you have been negotiating for as long as you can remember, perhaps longer. So you have a lot of experience, largely gained through trial and error, the development of personal habits and personality traits, and the example of others who, in turn, learned in the same way. However, when it comes to negotiation, the experience is not a perfect teacher. That is because we do not get useful feedback on our negotiation performance. For example, parents, customers, suppliers, salespeople and others we negotiate with do not tell us whether they could have given us more. And our negotiation behavior is often shaped by our personality, by deep-seated emotional responses to conflict that we might not even be aware of, or by the tactics of our opponents.

For these reasons, even the most experienced negotiators have the potential to enhance their negotiation skills by adopting a comprehensive framework of negotiation strategies, expanding their repertoire of tactics, and reflecting on their style, strengths, and weaknesses.

The 3-day workshop, as part of the Aalto Executive MBA program, combines action learning, practical insights, and leading edge theoretical concepts. A strong emphasis is placed on skill development and practice through the use of role-plays and diagnostic reflections.

There are several benefits for participants and their organizations. Participants will complete the workshop with a clear, well-organized understanding of how to prepare and implement strategies for negotiation success. Their organizations will benefit from enhanced value creation and value claiming in negotiations.

Stephen Boyle

Stephen Boyle is a lecturer at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, where he teaches on MBA and MSc programmes in the areas of negotiation, decision-making, risk management and leadership development.

In addition to his role as a lecturer, Stephen is actively engaged with businesses as a negotiation trainer and consultant and delivers a range of customized and open enrolment courses through UCD Executive Development. He has delivered negotiation training in Europe, Asia, and the United States for clients in sectors as diverse as automotive, construction, financial services, government, healthcare, law enforcement, pharmaceuticals, and technology.

Prior to entering into the field of lecturing and training over ten years ago, Stephen held roles in communications and change management at a Fortune 500 company and worked as a management consultant.

Program Fee and Registration

Program Fee

The fee for Aalto EMBA alumni is SGD 500 (+ GST).

The fee includes in-class materials and coffee breaks during the workshop.

Please note that the fee does not include travel expenses or accommodation. GST is applicable to private persons and Singapore companies.


Register for the workshop by September 30, 2018.

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