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Aalto Executive MBA in Shanghai

True International Standing and Quality

The Aalto University Executive MBA program in Shanghai is a bilingual EMBA program, taught by international and local Chinese faculty from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other local universities. The Aalto EMBA program has been running in South Korea since 1995, and in other Asia Pacific markets since 2000 (formerly known as Helsinki School of Economics Executive MBA) and is specially designed for individuals with significant professional work experience.

A Wider Choice through the Global Portfolio

In addition to Northern Europe’s leading companies and individuals, we serve a growing number of talented executives in Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe. Every year, almost four hundred students representing more than a dozen nationalities participate in our portfolio of Executive MBA programs. In addition to globally relevant content, the Aalto Executive MBA in Shanghai provides participants with an opportunity to expand their cultural knowledge and skills. Up to six modules can be taken at other Aalto EE locations in Europe or Asia. One elective Aalto Executive Summit and two elective Study Tours abroad contribute further to developing cross-cultural competence.


Receive a globally recognized and accredited MBA degree
Gain globally applicable competencies
Have the latest knowledge on strategy and leadership
Reinforce your confidence to face new challenges and become a Change Agent in your organization
Have access to a valuable global alumni network
Obtain new ideas and insights
Acquire practical skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately
Acquire a multi-disciplinary perspective on business and leading change
Learn from other experienced professionals from various industry & faculty with corporate experience


The Aalto Executive MBA in Shanghai program is designed for individuals with significant professional work experience, typically 5-8 years or more.

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We look for talented women and men with strong management experience, leadership potential, steady career progression, and curiosity to learn more. The Aalto Executive MBA program is particularly useful for candidates for promotion to a high-level management position.

Our group of experienced professionals in the Executive MBA class will bring forth a dynamic approach in enhancing a holistic international learning experience. Challenge your knowledge with the greatest minds in class.

Contents and Schedule

To fulfil the requirements for the Aalto Executive MBA degree, the participant must earn a total of 90 European credits during their studies and complete all compulsory parts of the program.

Aalto EMBA candidates must successfully complete studies worth a total of 90 European Credits (EC), including the eleven core modules, one compulsory Business Strategy Project (11 EC), one Self Development Process (4.5 EC) and at least six elective modules. One module is equivalent to four and a half European credits (4.5 EC). Aalto Executive Summit includes one elective module and is equivalent to four and a half European credits (4.5 EC).

The Aalto Executive MBA program can be completed in 20-22 months. The program has a modular structure and follows a 6-week learning cycle. Typically modules run once per month with in-class sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each module consists of a pre-assignment and take-home or in-class exam.

Core Modules


Elective Modules

Aalto EE provides electives on Strategy, Leadership & Management, Customers & Markets, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Operations & Process, Data Analytics & prorate Social Responsibility.

In addition to elective modules offered in Shanghai, different elective modules are provided every year in Aalto Executive MBA programs in Finland, Poland, South Korea & Taipei and Shanghai participants are welcome to join them.


Study Tours

A study tour is an optional part of the Aalto Executive MBA program and counts as one elective module (4.5 EC).

An Executive MBA study tour is designed to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the international business environment and typically involves a five-day study period abroad with a combination of academic instruction and company visits.

Study Tours planned include “Leading Strategic and Transformational Change" in collaboration with the prestigious Yale School of Management (April 2019), as well as other Study Tours to Boston & Palo Alto.


Faculty Network

In the Aalto Executive MBA program you will learn from exceptional professors. In addition to the academic qualifications, they are excellent teachers and have significant experience with senior-level managers in international organizations.

Academic Cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University Koguan School of Law

The Chinese language modules of the Aalto EMBA in Shanghai program is delivered in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter referred to as “SJTU”) Koguan School of Law. The program will be joined by highly qualified faculty from Shanghai Jiao Tong University as well as other local renowned Universities, who will bring into the program expert local insights.

Classes for the Aalto Executive MBA in Shanghai program will be conducted on SJTU’s Xuhui campus, leveraging on its city centre location as well as top notch learning environment and facilities. Graduates of the Aalto Executive MBA in Shanghai program will receive a Certificate of Completion from SJTU. Alumni of this program will also be entitled to enjoy the benefits of being part of the SJTU global alumni network.


Global Portfolio

Once accepted into the Aalto Executive MBA program in Shanghai, you may choose to exchange up to six English modules at other Aalto Executive MBA locations: Finland (Helsinki), Korea (Seoul), Taiwan (Taipei) and Poland (Poznan).

Aalto Executive MBA in Helsinki, Finland

The Aalto Executive MBA in Finland is delivered by Aalto University Executive Education.

The program offers the opportunity for Aalto Executive MBA participants to continue or complement their studies in Helsinki. Similarly, if you begin in Shanghai, you can request to take some Aalto Executive MBA modules in Helsinki, Poznan, Taipei or Seoul.

Aalto Executive MBA in Poznan, Poland

The Aalto Executive MBA is delivered in Poznan through our partner, the Poznan School of Banking. This cooperation provides Polish managers access to a high-quality, intensive and internationally recognized Executive MBA program within their own country.

All the Aalto Executive MBA modules are taught in Poznan, some in Polish, some in English. Faculty who teach the Aalto Executive MBA in other locations travel to Poznan to facilitate the same top quality modules.

Aalto Executive MBA in Seoul, Korea

The Aalto Executive MBA is delivered in Seoul through a joint venture between the Aalto University School of Business and the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies. The aim is to offer a high-quality, intensive and internationally oriented development program for the managers of Korean companies.

The participants in Korea usually take 21 modules of which 18 are taught in Seoul and three in Helsinki. They also have the option to request to take modules in Taiwan or Poznan.

Entry Requirements and Fee

Aalto Executive MBA Entry Requirements

  1. Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  2. Minimum five years of relevant post-bachelor degree work experience in managerial or senior specialist position
  3. Good command of written and spoken English (proof of proficiency is mandatory for candidates who have not worked or studied in English for an extended period of time)
  4. Recommendation letter from your employer
  5. Personal interview

Tuition Fee


Please contact us at, tel. +65 6339 7338 or our partner in Shanghai, ESUN Education, at, tel. +86 21 62392323 for further information and application documents. More information on the Aalto EMBA in Shanghai program is also available on our partner’s website.

Applicants will be informed of admission or non-acceptance. To be considered as admitted for the Aalto Executive MBA in Shanghai program, an applicant must receive and accept an offer of admissions sent by Aalto University Executive Education.

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