Dr. Mikko Laukkanen

Peer-reviewed articles

Laukkanen, Mattila, Salo & Tikkanen (2013) “Using Live Cases for Teaching, Industry Collaboration, and Research,” Marketing Education Review, Spring 2013.

Lindqvist, Federley, Hakola, Laukkanen, Mensonen, Viljakainen (2011) “Consumer Demand for Information Accessible through Automatic Identification,” Packaging Technology and Science, 2001

Conference papers

Laukkanen, Mikko & Mattila, Pekka (2015): "Building Narratives for Exceptional Customized Executive Programs", Academy of Management Conference, August 2015, Vancouver, Canada.

Laukkanen, Mikko & Mattila Pekka (2014): “Redesigning Customized Executive Programs: Adapting Curriculum and Emotional Tone to External Shocks”, 2014 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 1-5, Pennsylvania, US.

Skippari, Laukkanen & Salo, (2013) "The Role of Identity Domains in the Generation of Collaborative Innovation Paradox in a Supply Chain", 2013 Academy of Management Meeting, August 9-13, in Florida, US.

Laukkanen, Mattila, Salo & Tikkanen (2012) “Using Live Cases for Research on Novel Value Creation,” AMA Winter Conference 2012 in Florida, US.

Laukkanen, Mikko (2012): A dynamic capabilities view of open services innovation. Presented at SERVSIG International Service Research Conference, Helsinki, Finland, June 7-9, 2012. Helsinki 2012, Hanken School of Economics.

Hietanen, Joel; Laukkanen, Mikko; Salo, Jari; Sihvonen, Antti (2011): Value innovation in established industrial firms - a dynamic managerial capabilities perspective. Presented at 17th CBIM Academic Workshop, San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 14-17, 2011. 2011, Center for Business and Industrial Marketing (CBIM).

Skippari, Mika; Laukkanen, Mikko; Salo, Jari (2011): Supply chain relationships as barriers to collaborative innovation. Presented at ANZMAC 2011, Perth, Australia, 28-30 November, 2011. 2011, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) , paper 420.

Laukkanen, M.; Möller, K.; Salo, J. (2010): Value System Innovation in a Stagnant Industry. Presented at ANZMAC 2010, Christchurch, New Zealand, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy International Annual conference.  

Managerials books and other publications

Laukkanen, Mikko (2013): Failure to innovate : essays on the challenges and barriers to realizing business transformation. Espoo: Aalto University, 2013. 180 p. (Aalto University publication series DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS 74/2013).

Paajanen, Malla & Laukkanen, Mikko (2009) The Development of Tourism Research in Finland (original Finnish title: Matkailututkimuksen kehittäminen Suomessa) Publications of The Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies; No. 8.

Paajanen, Malla & Laukkanen, Mikko (2008) ”Does nationality still matter?” European Business Forum, Issue 32, Spring 2008.