Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

My DBA journey has reached its end with the defense of my DBA dissertation in June 16, 2017. In this last blog post I wanted to share the Lectio Praecursoria which is the official introduction to the dissertation at the public defense. 

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

Too few companies pay enough attention to allocating effectively the internal talent they have. This is true even in the cases where considerable time is spent identifying and recruiting high potential people and the value of talented people is understood within the organization.

Annukka Oksanen

Journalist Annukka Oksanen and a group of experts examine what a successful career looks like in the 2010s. Can a career be planned? What happens to the career path, when money and rising up the ladder aren’t the only defining factors?

Talent can no longer be reduced merely to a list of competencies. According to Riitta Lumme Tuomala, Director, Russia, Talent Management, Marketing and Alumni Relations at Aalto University Executive Education, leading and spotting talent takes fresh thinking and boldness.

Joanna Sinclair

It has to do with stepping up the pace, making things happen right now. Yet there is more to it than mere acceleration. It is rapid progress paired with an astute appreciation of the job, supreme confidence, and unstoppable willpower. It is the state of mind it takes to change the world.

Maurice Forget

Innovation is power. From a politician’s lips to a researcher’s fingertips, the allure of innovation has the power to move people, drive economies and spark exciting new trends. While a single innovative idea can create a profitable company, sustainable long-term innovation needed to create a globally competitive city, region, or country often requires a fundamental re-gearing of that society. It requires deep cooperation between the public sector, the private sector, and universities. It requires a wealth of ideas in the form of talent hubs – concentrations of highly talented people who are willing to network, to solve challenges, to share ideas.


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