Risto Pakarinen

“Tachophobia is the condition of having an abnormal, extreme, and persistent fear of speed, that is, the experience of traveling quickly.”

Joanna Sinclair

It has to do with stepping up the pace, making things happen right now. Yet there is more to it than mere acceleration. It is rapid progress paired with an astute appreciation of the job, supreme confidence, and unstoppable willpower. It is the state of mind it takes to change the world.

Joe White

Edmund Burke’s famous observation could also apply to man’s age-old desire for speed and a yearning to fly. Humans have laboured long and hard to go ever faster. We ask here if speed itself is a worthy pursuit.

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

The answer generally takes the form of hours and minutes. The concept of time is the same the world over. Or is it?

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