Corporate Social Responsibility

Annukka Oksanen and Ville Blåfield

Can international political events be predicted, and how should company directors react to the news? Journalists Annukka Oksanen and Ville Blåfield discover how business is impacted by politics.

Katja Alaja

Indonesia is going strong. In recent years, its growth rate has held steady at 6‒7 percent. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that Indonesia could have the world’s 7th largest economy by  2030, overtaking Germany and the United Kingdom. Indonesia is booming thanks largely to a combination of domestic consumption and productivity growth. Taking advantage of this development and supporting companies in seizing the business opportunities is what keeps the Finnish Ambassador to Indonesia, Kai Sauer, on his toes.

Joanna Sinclair

CSR allows companies to step out of harms way and avoid risks. Considerable savings are made on advertising and PR alone when companies need not spend megabucks polishing an image tarnished by oil spills, unethical employee practices or worse. In a reputation economy, trust is priceless.

Pekka Mattila

I have to admit up front that I have some questions about this issue, or not the issue itself, but the theme. Corporate social responsibility is a big concept, but it is still mostly waffle-thin. All too often it is about loss-making start-ups and beautifully designed PR agendas of huge and polluting conglomerates.

Randel Wells

A hot topic in the 21st century business landscape, Corporate Social Responsibility is actually a centuries old practice.

Katja Alaja

Who says learning has to take place only in the classroom? When we unleashed students to apply their learning to leading international companies, innovative ideas resulted.

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