Over the course of a year, ten companies searched for ways to elevate more women into leadership positions. As it turns out, there’s plenty of work to be done in changing attitudes among the companies and women themselves.

Ville Blåfield

Visionaries of transition periods have had to get an upper hand over financial straits and change-opposing conservatives – just like Richard Wagner, who transformed the opera in the 19th century. Journalist Ville Blåfield examines what modern-day change managers can learn from the controversial operatic genius.

Heidi Hammarsten

A change process, even a well-planned one, may run aground if the people concerned are not given the opportunity of participating or processing the issue. However, even change resistance can be transformed into an asset, says Christel Berghäll-Högström, an experienced business coach.

Joanna Sinclair

At its best, digitization enables completely new ways of working and creating value, but technology does little good alone – in fact in worst cases it may hinder your productivity – unless organizations take on a brave outlook on how technology relates to culture and new ways of doing things. Visionary speaker Teemu Arina touched upon these issues at his Keynote presentation in Aalto EE Helsinki at DiViA.

Satu Rämö

Join the revolution. Create new business models. Share. Change the game.

Joanna Sinclair

Businesses have nothing on the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies when it comes to risk management. Many commercial organizations take a hit every time something out of the ordinary happens. Profile spoke to Ben Gilad, Mark Chussil and Henri Schildt about risk, early warning systems and how to turn early warning into early action.

Mika Aaltonen

How do companies envision and build their future? What presumptions do they rely on in doing so? What changes do they prepare for? And what if they are mistaken?


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