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To be able to lead others, you need first to know yourself.

The speed, distractions and volatility of today’s business environments place our attention and resilience under constant pressure. Having a strong and clear focus with the ability to re-charge is becoming one of the most valuable resources for today’s business leaders.

Driving for results in this whirlwind of change makes it more important than ever for leaders to be self-aware and emotionally and socially intelligent. For most of us, this requires learning and adaptation that leads to personal renewal. To be able to lead others, you need first to know yourself.

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Register by April 13, 2018.
May 7-9, 2018

Aalto Executive Education Academy
25 North Bridge Road, EFG Bank Building, Unit 02–01, Singapore 179104


SGD 5,850 +7% GST

According to Peter Drucker, “You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first”. This program will develop the personal skills necessary to lead yourself towards better performance and success, and the social skills needed to interact in a smarter and more mindful way and to lead improved organizational results.


Experienced and high-potential leaders and managers, who want to improve their performance by becoming more self-aware and effective and learn science-based skills and best practices to better manage themselves, achieve more and increase resilience in the era of modern work. Participants should be capable of participating in light physical exercise; no prior experience is necessary.

By attending the program you will:

  • Cultivate your self-awareness by understanding your emotions, strengths, limitations, attitudes, values and motives
  • Become more aware of how emotions can drive our behavior and impact people, and learn how to manage those emotions – both your own and others’ – especially under pressure
  • Learn to detect organizational networking opportunities and read key power relationships
  • Improve your performance by learning skills that help you unlock your full potential
  • Equip yourself with skills and frameworks to build a more successful, more balanced and more rewarding executive career



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