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Building Succesful Companies in the Gaming Industry

Game Executive helps participants to learn about business, leadership, strategy and entrepreneurship in the gaming industry. It prepares them to deal with the challenges of managing and building a successful business and offers them an opportunity to forge meaningful connections with experts in the industry, venture capitalists and other potential partners.

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The Game Executive program is designed to meet the strategic business needs of companies involved in the gaming industry. It is recommended for

  • Directors / founders of game companies or startups
  • Heads of departments / team leaders / managers in the gaming industry
  • Public sector leaders concerned with games, entrepreneurship and funding
  • Professionals involved in the gaming sector, for example in design, marketing, PR, HR, and law firms
  • Other professionals with a potential for, or taking on, managerial and/or leadership roles

 By attending the program, you will

  • Learn about the latest academic research and trends from top professors in the field of business management, leadership, entrepreneurship, strategy, finance, internationalization, marketing and media management
  • Acquire the necessary know-how for managing companies involved in the gaming industry
  • Become more strategic and business savvy
  • Meet and discuss with like-minded people, including experts in the industry
  • Learn how to make the right decisions and avoid crucial mistakes
  • Visit companies and organizations involved in the gaming sector

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