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Design Thinking And Service Design for a Better Life

Cities exist for people and a great city is built together with its users. In a user-friendly city, information, ideas, thoughts and people are allowed to flow freely. Design methods can enable citizens, city administrators and other stakeholders to jointly shape and co-create their living and working environments, as well as the services offered.

Cities offer a vast range of services from education, transport and healthcare, to social services and information. User-friendliness in city planning refers to city planners and administrators learning to understand the needs of citizens so as to design better services. Citizen-derived planning is enhanced through user profiling, observing everyday habits and finding concrete visualizations for the future. Misconceptions about people's everyday experiences often lead to frustration and stagnation in society. Design methods can help planners take the next step in engaging citizens, understanding their needs, creating a quality user experience and anticipating the future.

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June 2018 (3 days)

Aalto Executive Education Academy
25 North Bridge Road
EFG Bank Building, Unit 02-01
Singapore 179104


to be announced


Public administrators, city planners and professionals involved in the design of city services, and practitioners and business leaders involved in the planning, design and construction of urban development projects and services.

By attending the program you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the process and concepts of service design and design thinking and the user-centered approach to better address citizen needs and design better services

  • Acquire through practical application a set of proven tools such as capturing insights, integrative thinking, ideation and prototyping to promote and execute innovation

  • Apply the service design and design thinking methodology and tools to create the desired breakthrough ideas for the planning and designing of city services and urban development projects



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