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Aalto Executive DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Reaching for the Top

The Aalto Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a structured program in Business Administration for talented individuals with considerable managerial experience who wish to make a significant contribution to the enhancement of professional practice in their key areas of interest. It has both real world relevance and academic rigor and focuses on the relevance to the employer and the professional development of the candidate.

In addition to executive positions, DBA graduates typically work in various expert positions in corporations and the public sector. The DBA research project – finalized in a publicly defended DBA thesis – typically has strong linkages to business and managerial practice.  DBA candidates can, for instance, conduct a sizable research project for their employer.

Compared to some more scientifically oriented doctoral programs, the DBA studies and research place emphasis on the application of theories – the creation and testing of an entirely novel theory is not a necessity. The majors of Aalto Executive DBA are strategy and marketing, but any managerially relevant interdisciplinary topics are strongly encouraged.

Why DBA?

From Aalto Executive DBA graduates the employers can expect novel, innovative, and creative solutions to business problems and opportunities as well as thought leadership for organizational change.

Aalto Executive DBA graduates will centrally develop doctoral level in-depth knowledge of latest theories and methodologies in business research. The requirements for coursework are essentially the same as for any DSc or PhD program at Aalto University School of Business - 60 credits in 10 doctoral level courses. However, the main difference to the DSc and PhD programs is the flexible part-time study structure of the Aalto Executive DBA and the strongly applied nature of the doctoral thesis.

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