Leadership Lab  -  Welcome to the Journey of Leadership Exploration

Leadership Lab combines scientific research, experimental application and
pedagogical innovation. The laboratory forms an inspiring environment for visioning, knowledge creation, experiments, strategy implementation and
leadership development.

What kind of leadership do we need in our organization to renew and develop future competitive advantages? What kind of leadership do we need to feel great and have fun at work?

Where is the new? We will find it by jumping into unknown together. Headfirst,

There are no direct answers for these questions. That is why we, together with our
customers, create new knowledge of leadership and leadership development. To find new, we link everyday operations and experimentation to multidisciplinary research. We gather up the existing and aim to find new ways of thinking and working that

  • open new viewpoints into leadership and business development
  • support realization and learning as well as transferring the new into the everyday work
  • speed up and deepen learning.