Ville Blåfield

Aalto EMBA participant
 Pawel Koscianski, Production Director, TKH Kabeltechniek, Leszno concludes his experiences in the program: “From day one, we have been a group. People have different types of roles in their companies, but this isn’t a place for talking about that or comparing personal success, but about friendship on an equal footing.”

Paula Salovaara

“Hang on, I’ll just back up my car.” A beeping sound carries down the phone line, as Kai Rönnberg sets for his journey to work. He has promised to talk about the fall semester at the same time, which he has found interesting but busy. A business trip to Australia messed up his calendar, and it has taken some time to get back to normal.

Ville Blåfield

“I’ve especially valued the fact that professors visiting Tehran have experience and expertise also in the practical side of business, rather just in theory. As a journalist, I value experts with genuine experience”, says Aalto EMBA participant 
Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Tehran correspondent, The Financial Times.


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