Joanna Sinclair

“In many companies, pricing is an area where the level of sophistication does not match the importance of the topic,” says Marco Bertini, Associate Professor and Head of the marketing department at ESADE.

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

My DBA journey has been out of the “limelight” of our Aalto Leaders' Insight stream for a while now. Trying to get back to the main stage has required discipline, focusing, endless hours of writing, deleting, citing, looking for references, formulating frameworks, and killing darlings. And then, starting it all over again.

Heidi Hammarsten

In essence, work has always been about solving other people’s problems, and the human race has always been developing tools to do this more efficiently. Digitalization is just one phase in this progression and, as such, there is nothing novel about it, says brain researcher Katri Saarikivi.


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