Joe White

Renaissance Man and Leonardo Da Vinci. The words are almost synonyms. He was the embodiment of man reborn in an age emerging from centuries of darkness who added his own searing light of genius onto it.

Joanna Sinclair

Identifying, attracting, sustaining and making the most out of talent requires respect for other people. You also need an inherent understanding about what makes talent tick.

Maurice Forget

Innovation is power. From a politician’s lips to a researcher’s fingertips, the allure of innovation has the power to move people, drive economies and spark exciting new trends. While a single innovative idea can create a profitable company, sustainable long-term innovation needed to create a globally competitive city, region, or country often requires a fundamental re-gearing of that society. It requires deep cooperation between the public sector, the private sector, and universities. It requires a wealth of ideas in the form of talent hubs – concentrations of highly talented people who are willing to network, to solve challenges, to share ideas.


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