Ville Blåfield

Mindfulness can be used as a tool for developing leadership skills, which are becoming more and more important in an increasingly complex world and fast-paced business life. People skills and emotional intelligence lie at the heart of modern leadership.

Joanna Sinclair

Finland’s health, social services and regional government reform is a change of historic proportions that touches each and every Finn. Chief physician Andreas Blanco Sequeiros has been closely involved in building Soite, Central Ostrobothnia’s Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health. He is also active in LAPE, a program to address child and family services, which is one of the Finnish government’s key initiatives.

Jarno Limnéll

The present state of security can be summed up by two words: unpredictable instability. The operating environment – and security situations – are changing quickly and often involve unexpected incidents. In addition to analyzing the current situation, security experts should increasingly ask, ”What will happen next? How well are we prepared to address even the most unlikely turn of events?” 

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

My DBA journey has reached its end with the defense of my DBA dissertation in June 16, 2017. In this last blog post I wanted to share the Lectio Praecursoria which is the official introduction to the dissertation at the public defense. 


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